A Strong Stance

Women have always been perceived as the weaker sex. The truth is, from the earliest pages of history, women have shown levels of strength, grit and determination that often defy words. Many still fight for the most basic of human rights today. And with your help, I fight beside them, on their behalf.

Every time you purchase a training package, I donate to a social justice campaign through Chime for Change, an initiative led by Gucci with a mission of advancing education, health and justice for every girl, everywhere.

Current Project being funded:

Rural girls are one the most marginalized groups in India, and Children’s Care International has freed over 50 girls from ages six to 10 from indentured servitude. Once freed, they receive medical care, food, and the chance to just be kids. Education allows young girls to avoid exploitation and follow their dreams. Children’s Care International will sponsor two survivors and cover university tuition, transportation, living stipends, and English classes. These girls will then become symbols of success and agents of change, helping and educating people in rural Indian communities about the dangers of child marriage and child labor, along with the importance of education and gender equality.

Impact Report from last project:

G(irls)20 galvanizes girls and women to cultivate a new generation of leaders. Better financial outcomes for women result in stronger economies, healthier populations, and safer communities. The fifth annual G(irls)20 Summit was held in Australia August 2014 (two months before the G20 Leaders Meeting). The G(irls)20 Summit matched delegates with global coaches, who guided them to be spokespersons for girls in their own communities. In 2014 G(irls)20 launched a high profile global campaign entitled “Fathers Empowering Daughters” to showcase how fathers can be a powerful force in the lives of daughters, and how engaging men in a tangible and meaningful way advances the empowerment of girls and women. It features government leaders, celebrities, and everyday fathers and daughters from around the world.