Barbara Queen, Owner

I founded Grip Fitness in 2007 as a response to the disturbing trends emerging in the fitness industry. Investors focus on membership revenue. Certification standards are inconsistent. Quick fixes and fads are popping up everywhere. I believe you deserve better.

I have been a fitness professional for over twenty-five years, and have worked with some of the most renowned experts and coaches in the field. I am constantly improving my facility and techniques to incorporate the latest sports science discoveries.

I received my Masters of Music in violin performance from Boston University. The technical precision I developed as a musician influences my training. Emphasis will always be on perfecting execution to avoid injury and maximize the effectiveness of your workouts.

For me, empowering people to live pain-free, physically fit lives is more than a job. It’s a joy.







IDEA Elite Level Trainer


TRX Suspension Trainer


Kettlebell Athletics


Power Plate Academy


Functional Movement System


Resistance Stretching

I began video training with Barbara having just recovered from a running injury. I had never worked with a personal trainer and was grateful when a good friend made the recommendation/introduction. I couldn’t be more pleased with my work with Barbara, she blends her deep knowledge and expertise with a very engaging approach. The results motivate me to push harder and I notice much improved core strength, balance and overall fitness. I highly recommend Barbara to anyone interested in improving fitness and well-being during these unusual and challenging times

Amy Owen

I have trained with Barb for over 13 years and she has truly changed my body. From pre-kids, through pregnancy into my early 40's, Barb has made me stronger both mentally and physically. When I moved out of Chicago and went to virtual training this past year, Barb blew my mind with her innovative training set-ups and ideas. It's like have the most amazing secret training weapon on your phone when Barb is there!

Lisa Menitoff

The combination of her background, personal dedication, and creativity makes Barbara such an exceptional trainer. I have learned a great deal about anatomy and physiology from her, which has been useful in my own work as a yoga instructor. I can honestly say Barbara is the best in the business

Amanda Freymann