Video Training

I am passionate about training.

I seek clients who bring the same level of commitment to their workouts.

If you are motivated, I will guide and support you every step of the way.

How it works

Sessions take place over FaceTime or Zoom. The initial session will review your health history and personal goals, followed by a comprehensive panel of fitness assessments and functional screens. This information is fundamental to creating a safe and effective plan for you. Clients provide equipment inventory and photos of the exercise space, and recommendations are made for any additional equipment. Sessions are creative using different configurations and tools.

What's included

  • Customized Routines
  • Progressive Programs
  • Guided Flexibility
  • Guided Myofascial Release
  • Functional Movement Screens
  • Nutrition Guidance
  • Rehab Assignments
  • Physician Communication



Strengh Training


Stability Training


Sports Training


Body Sculpting


Muscle Imbalance


Assisted Flexibility


Injury Prevention



Hands down, working with Barb was the best investment I ever made. I've never been so lean or felt so strong in my entire life. Barb knows how to combine exercises for my specific body type, and when to change my program for optimum results. She gives the right combination of compassion, expertise and motivation. There is nobody better than Barb!

Maurissa Kanter

I have trained with Barb for over thirteen years and she has truly changed my body. From pre-kids, through pregnancy into my early fortiess, Barb has made me stronger both mentally and physically. When I moved out of Chicago and went to virtual training this past year, Barb blew my mind with her innovative training set-ups and ideas. It's like have the most amazing secret training weapon on your phone when Barb is there!

Lisa Hurwitz

The combination of her background, personal dedication, and creativity makes Barb such an exceptional trainer. I have learned a great deal about anatomy and physiology from her, which has been useful in my own work as a yoga instructor. I can honestly say Barbara is the best in the business

Amanda Freymann


Sessions take place over Zoom or FaceTime. Prior to training, clients send pictures of their remote workout setup, including all available equipment. Recommendations are made for any additional equipment. A comprehensive workout requires less equipment than you might imagine. Video sessions have utilized everyday household items: a watermelon can substitute for a medicine ball, a kid’s cart makes a great glute roller, and broom handles can provide stability during balance exercises. I enjoy flexing my creative muscle when designing any workout. The possibilities are endless!

Ready to begin?