"The combination of her background, personal dedication, and creativity makes Barbara such an exceptional trainer. I have learned a great deal about anatomy and physiology from her, which has been useful in my own work as a yoga instructor. I can honestly say Barbara is the best in the business."

Amanda Freymann

"Hands down, working with Barb was the best investment I ever made. I've never been so lean or felt so strong in my entire life. Barb knows how to combine exercises for my specific body type, and when to change my program for optimum results. She gives the right combination of compassion, expertise and motivation. There is nobody better than Barb!”

Maurissa Kanter

"Barb has taken my physical and mental strength to new heights. Among clients, she is famous for her 'MacGyver Gift.' She keeps things fresh by constantly expanding each client's routine and she always goes that extra mile. Barb treats me like a pro-athlete and I am living life to the fullest!"

Brooke Kemmerer

“Barbara transcends the definition of physical trainer. As much as it is a practice of science, there is a true art to her work. Her multi-faceted approach combines passion, creativity, understanding and expertise. One cannot know what it is like to work with the most talented trainer until they have trained with Barbara.”

Max Eisenberg

"I have seen firsthand that Barbara is truly at the top of her profession, and she continues her studies to stay on the cutting edge."

John Blievernicht
President, Institute for Sports Health & Fitness, Flagstaff, AZ

"Barbara is one of the most sought-after trainers and an exceptional talent. She embodies the very best of the fitness industry. A dedicated professional, Barbara Queen is who the term 'Elite Personal Trainer' was created for."

Michael Youssouf
Professor City University of New York
Owner, Youssouf Fitness Services
2000 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year

“Barbara’s approach to training is both meticulous and creative. Her clients are extremely happy with their results.”

Joe Dowdell
Founder & CEO, Peak Performance, NYC

“Barbara’s record of professional integrity and enthusiasm for her work is exceptional. She consistently displays dedication and creativity in the gym year after year.”

Rocco Greco
Former Executive Director, Equinox, NYC

“Barbara’s knowledge and the tremendous commitment she devotes to each one of her clients has secured her a place as a top trainer. Her energy and dedication make her a valuable asset to any individual in search of realizing their potential and beyond.”

Scott Gordon-Somers
Former Personal Training Director, Equinox, NYC