Own Your Body

Physically, own your strength.
Every minute of every day, your body is supporting your every move. You have a fundamental right to feel good in it. Exercise that right through exercise. Build strength. Push past the voices, both inside you and around you, that say you can’t. Discover the potential of your power.

Mentally, own your attitude.
The brain is the force all muscles obey. Willpower and tenacity are essential to reaching your goals. You’ll hit plateaus. You’ll encounter resistance. You’ll experience discouragement. But you can win those mind games. Develop a training IQ. Master proper form. Understand why your body responds to certain movements with pain. Know when to push and when to take a break.

Emotionally, own your confidence.
A beautiful body is so much more than meets the eye. Have confidence in your body and how willing it is to respond to your hard work. Even as you strive to improve your health and enhance your physique, choose to enjoy the process. Appreciate your body and all it has endured on your behalf. Don’t sweat the small stuff…but do sweat. Every day.

Strength does not recognize race, economic status or gender. It resides within all of us. Training your body will maximize your health, your confidence and your sense of accomplishment. It is a privilege to be able to move. Nobody has the right to hold you back. Least of all yourself.